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Support for vulnerable staff and communities COVID-19 - a practical guide

Australia is facing a major challenge with the onset of COVID-19. As we go through this pandemic, it is important that we support each other. For our vulnerable communities, it is vital that we provide essential aid and ensure they are looked after.
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W3C WAI Publishes WCAG 2.2 First Public Working Draft

Dr Scott Hollier, CfID’s Senior Lecturer for the Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility, shares his insights on the recently announced draft update to the WCAG standard. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI Accessibility Guidelines Working Group has published a first public working draft of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.
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Navigating 2020

From the devastating bushfires to growing concerns around Coronavirus, the start of 2020 has raised fresh physical and mental health challenges for many Australians. These crises were also the backdrop for powerful emotions around Invasion Day along with moments of heartache in the LGBTQ+ and cyberbullying space. Navigating this new terrain, which many are calling a societal shift, can be turbulent. Yet it also opens the door to creating improved inclusion outcomes. Communities are speaking up more about their needs and evaluating identity issues and values. These voices are starting to have a powerful affect on broader community attitudes and leadership decisions.
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Communicating inclusively in emergencies

As challenges unfold, it’s particularly important to think about inclusive communication and providing information with consideration for people with different needs. Effective, accessible communication is critical and can help save lives. The following guide is a simple resource for people to communicate inclusively in times of emergency. With particular attention on broadcast and social media, we’ve focused on three key areas - hearing, language and vision.
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